Audience with the Neocatechumens of Madrid March 23, 1984

Audience with the Neocatechumens of Madrid March 23, 1984

St. John Paul II

Rome, Hall of the Consistory. March 23, 1984 *

The Pope received the members from the Neocatechumenal Communities of four Madrid parishes this morning in an audience. Delivering a short greeting speech and after thanking the Spanish Neocatechumens for their visit, he has told them that it is a “sign of adherence to the successor of Peter, as a guarantee of fidelity to the Church.” He has also encouraged them to root their own life in the faith received from the apostles and taught by the Fathers of the Church, so that it may be “the light that illuminates each step of your way to the Father.”
Here is the Holy Father’s speech:

“Dear brothers and sisters: I am happy to receive your large group this morning, made up of members from the Neocatechumenal Communities of the parishes of San José, San Sebastián, Virgen de la Paloma and San Roque of Madrid. In giving you my cordial greetings, I would also like to express to the members of the other communities of your same parishes and particularly to your pastors present here, who have helped you so much in this vital encounter. I thank you for this visit next to the tomb of the first apostle, which is intended to be an act of adhesion to the Successor of Peter, as a guarantee of ecclesial fidelity, and which is part of the itinerary of faith that you are traveling. I know that recently you have devoted special attention to studying the articles of the Creed, for your own formation and to be able to help other Christians and families. On my part, I encourage you to firmly root your life in the faith received from the apostles and taught by the Fathers of the Church, and which must be a light that illuminates every step of your journey towards the Father.

I am also glad that in the program of your pilgrimage to Rome you have also planned a visit to a Marian sanctuary like that of Loreto, to put your existence under the maternal protection of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ and of the Church. She, being the Mother of the Christ of our faith, was the first and best imitator of her Son, is a luminous path that leads to the center of the mystery of Jesus Christ (cf. Marialis Cultus, 25). With her example, she teaches us to give ourselves to the Church, so that the image of her Son may be ceaselessly formed in the brothers of the world of today. She, who with her life and sacrifice, collaborated lovingly in the work of Jesus (cf. Lumen Gentium, 60 ff.), wants to continue teaching us the value of each man and the deep motives for loving them, without distinction or reservation. For this reason, accept her as a true Mother, as a Teacher, as a guide and example throughout your life. Because, far from obfuscating the Christ-centered orientation necessary in your life, it will facilitate it. With these wishes I encourage you on your journey, so that always united with your bishops and priests, and in fraternal communion with the other duly recognized spiritual and apostolic movements, you offer your generous contribution to the Church in our present moment. This is what I ask the Lord for you, at the same time I give you my Apostolic Blessing.”

(*) Cfr. «L’Osservatore Romano», 24 marzo 1984.