Meeting of the Bishops of Latin America 4-21-1992

Meeting of the Bishops of Latin America 4-21-1992

St. John Paul II

Santo Domingo, April 21-25, 1992, present 153 bishops

Telegram of the Card. Angelo Sodano, Secretary of State of His Holiness Juan Pablo II to Mons. Paul Cordes.

«Holy Father informed about meeting Neocatechumenal Way in Santo Domingo in preparation for celebrations V centenary arrival message of salvation to the new world send his most Kind regards to organizers and participants all together with their word of encouragement to make this fantastic ephemeris a suitable occasion to renew apostolic dynamism in New tasks Evangelism. At the same time, spiritually uniting everyone, inparticular to the brother bishops present, elevates their thanksgiving to God for abundant gifts with which he has blessed beloved Churches in Latin America, to whom he exhorts to continue announcing Jesus Christ yesterday, today and always for a New Evangelization, human promotion, Christian culture, always bearing witness to intense ecclesial communion and fidelity to the action of the Spirit.

Furthermore, his holiness invites all the members of the Neocatechumenal Communities to a decided commitment to apostolic life, accompanied by a growing Christian formation and an increasingly active participation in life liturgical and charitable work of the Church thus cooperating with the saving works of Christ so that his word of life may illuminate and transform individuals, families, society with these desires, and under the merciful gaze of the Blessed Virgin, high Pontiff raises fervent prayers for the Lord to make fruitful the works of that ecclesial meeting, while, as a sign of benevolence and pledge of the constant divine assistance, delightedly imparts the implored Apostolic Blessing ».

Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Secretary of State for His Holiness