Visit to the parish of Santa María de la Fiducia 10-21-1990

Visit to the parish of Santa María de la Fiducia 10-21-1990

St. John Paul II

Rome, October 21, 1990

The Neocatechumenal Communities have been in the Parish of Santa María de la Fiducia for twelve years. Currently there are four that contribute to parish life, especially in the field of catechesis and liturgy. The Pope met them in the parish hall, where the children, the youth, the least young people who are on the “Way”, have welcomed him with the joyous notes of a Marian song. It was Gastone Rocchetti, the first catechist to come to Santa María de la Fiducia, who presented to John Paul II the reality of the four communities.

“Holiness,” he said, “I am part of the first Neocatechumenal Community of the parish of San Irineo in Centocelle. I have been happy on the Way for seventeen years and, twelve years ago, that at the invitation of the parish priest, me, my wife, and other brothers of my community we have come to this Parish to announce the Good News. Catechesis began and the first community was formed. Today there are four communities. The first is at the step of the “Traditio”: two years where they go through the houses carrying the “kerygma”, announcing the death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. To the second community has been given the Breviary, the initiation to prayer. The two other communities are in the early stages of the way.

All this happens, Holiness, in perfect obedience to the Church, its ministers, and the initiators of our Way. We are deeply happy, Your Holiness, because you have wanted to give a greater impulse to the Neocatechumenal Way with the letter that you have sent to Bishop Cordes. We, Holiness, are aware of the great gift that God is giving to us, so that each one of us has the possibility of experiencing in our own flesh the salvation that our Lord Jesus Christ has brought us and savoring an abundance of eternal life. Bless us, Your Holiness. ”

These are the Pope’s words addressed to those present:

“I would like to underline two things. The first is this: you love singing songs to the Virgin, to Mary, who, in Elizabeth’s words, believed in the Word of the Lord. We could say this, it is a word, an emblematic text for your movement, for your path, because it is not a movement … true, when you walk, you move too. So, starting from this word that is truly inspiring, that has inspired us throughout the Redemptoris Mater Encyclical, I wish you to walk in faith and to make others walk in faith, to whom you are sent, near and far. Then I offer you a second observation. I know that the Neocatechumenals love children. The Pope also loves children, and that is how we always find ourselves.”