Visit to the parish of Saint Mary Mother of the Redeemer April 10, 1988

Visit to the parish of Saint Mary Mother of the Redeemer April 10, 1988

St. John Paul II

Rome, April 10, 1988

“We have heard in today’s Gospel that Thomas was looking for signs to believe that Jesus had truly risen. I believe that for Tor Bella Monaca a sign that Jesus has risen can be these brothers and sisters, their faith and the enthusiasm of their faith,” said the pastor, presenting to the Holy Father the two Neocatechumenal Communities of the parish gathered in the church. “We are concerned about the pastoral for the adults,” continued Fr. Mario. “Many were far from God, from the Church, but I am seeing that through the Neocatechumenal Way a net has been cast into the lake and that many are caught by this net and begin a way to look for the Lord.” After hearing some testimonies, the Pope addressed the following words to those present:

“Dearly beloved, I greet you all. To the parents, adults, youth and to the children who, as always, are numerous in your communities. I thank God for this growing life. I meet you often, I have met you on Palm Sunday afternoon, I have heard many testimonies and then I have tried to speak at length. Today I meet you in this parish and I tell you that I rejoice because of this meeting and this parish that you have found. I know that you are trying to carry out your presence, your testimony and your mission.

Today we have heard a very interesting passage of a Gospel about the Cenacle, because there is Thomas the unbeliever who converted to the risen Christ in the Cenacle. I have thought of you, because your communities, as many tell me, are also the places and environments in which take place the conversions of unbelievers, of an unbelieving Thomas who becomes a believing Thomas and who shouts “Lord“.

This is the grace of the Cenacle. You must always remain in the Cenacle ».