Presentation of the Kiko Argüello Book “Annotations” in Berlin. Cardinal Rouco’s speech

Catholic Academy, Berlin 06-10-2018 This is Cardinal Rouco’s Speech at the Presentation of Kiko Argüello’s Book “Annotations” in Berlin It is the first speech by an excellent theologian and Canonist, as well as Archbishop Emeritus of Madrid, who has always accompanied and sustained Kiko and Carmen with intimacy, love and affection. In this speech, Cardinal Rouco describes the social and ecclesial environment during the last years of the Second Vatican

Eucharistic celebration for the 80th birthday of Kiko Argüello. Homily Father Mario

Dear Brothers, In this celebration of the Eucharist, we thank God today for having Kiko been born eighty years ago and, at the same time, we remember with gratitude in prayer his father and his mother who gave birth to him. Another reason to thank the Lord for having endowed him with so many and diverse gifts and for having given us, through him, in collaboration with Carmen Hernández, the