The Neocatechumenal Way celebrates its 40th anniversary in Berlin with a concert at the Philharmonic and the presentation of the book by Kiko Argüello

Berlin, 06/08/2018 The Neocatechumenal Way will celebrate tomorrow, Saturday 9, and Sunday June 10, the anniversary of their 40 years of life in Berlin with various events. It will be commemorated with a thanksgiving eucharist, presentation of the book “Annotations” of the initiator of the Way and international manager, Kiko Argüello, and the Symphonic-Catechetical Celebration “The Suffering of Innocents ”–whose music has been composed by Kiko himself– in the prestigious

The Neocatechumenal Way will pay tribute to Carmen Hernández with a Symphonic-Catechetical Celebration in the Co-cathedral of Soria

More than 4,500 people have already confirmed their attendance Soria, 05/10/2018 The Neocatechumenal Way will remember Carmen Hernández in a very special way – initiator of the Way together with Kiko Argüello and who died in Madrid on July 19, 2016 – with a Symphonic-Catechetical Celebration in the Co-cathedral of San Pedro, Soria. The initiative has been promoted by the diocese of Osma-Soria, and specifically by its Bishop, Mgr. D.