Fuentes de Carbonero el Mayor (Segovia – Spain)

“WHEN THE STONES SPEAK AGAIN” Last October 12 (2022), feast of the Virgin of the Plilar – a day which Spain solemnly commemorates as the apparition, in the year 40 AD on a marble pillar on the banks of the Ebro River, of the Virgin Mother of God to the apostle James and his companions to encourage them to continue in the evangelization -, in Fuentes de Carbonero el Mayor,

Pilgrimages to Farlete (Zaragoza – Spain)

Discovering Charles de Foucauld in the Farlete Grottos “There I spent three days in a grotto, the grotto of St. Caprasio, alone, without food, studying Charles de Foucauld, who gave me a way of living in the presence of the Lord.” Kiko in the Beginning of the Year Convivence 2016-17 Before beginning a trip through Europe and to prepare for it, Fr. Aguilar wanted to take Kiko to the desert

Pilgrimages to Zaragoza (Spain)

The Virgin of the Pillar On January 2, 40, on the banks of the Ebro River, the Virgin Mary, still living in Palestine, came in mortal flesh to Zaragoza to comfort the apostle James (Santiago), accompanied by a small group of converts, who had been preaching all day. Mary left them a jasper column around which the Christians of the first century built, as a memorial, a chapel that was

Pilgrimages to Barbastro (Huesca – Spain)

Barbastro and its Martyrs During the Spanish Civil War, the Catholic Church suffered great persecution, with 10,000 people killed for their faith. Barbastro, despite its small size, was the diocese with the most martyrs in Spain, 88% of the clergy. “Spain has given cursillos of Christianity, Opus Dei, the Neocatechumenal Way and everything you want, do you know why? Because it has lived a Spanish civil war where more than