Some 10,000 places from 135 countries will return to be the scene of the “Great Mission” that the Neocatechumenal Way It will be held for the seventh consecutive year starting this coming Sunday.

Just a few days ago, after Easter Sunday, Pope Francis remembered that every Christian is called to meet the risen Jesus Christ “And to become His announcers and witnesses.” So, welcoming once again the words of the Holy Father, the neocatechumenal communities will offer various catechesis to help people to have an encounter with Jesus Christ through listening to the Good News: the Kerigma.

The “Great Mission” consists of 5 meetings in which answers to  questions like “Who is God to you?” “Have you experienced in your life that God exists?”, “What do you live for?” “What is the Church?” or “Do you want to be helped and live in a community Christian? ” will be given.

In addition to catechesis, as normally done, the psalms of the liturgy of the day will be sung as well as the well-known dance that characterizes the communities of the Way.

The first day, through the testimony of one person, an answer will be given to  the question: “Who is God”, “Why do you believe in God “, or “How have you experienced in your life that God exists?”.

On the second Sunday, the meeting will focus on the question “Who are you and what do you live for?”

During the third meeting, the Kerigma will be announced, which is God’s response to the existential situation of sin and death and the center of evangelization and of this “Great Mission ”in the squares.

On the second to last Sunday, the protagonist will be a call to conversion with the possibility of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, with individual confessions.

The fifth meeting will deal more concretely with the Church and the Christian community.

The “Great Mission” in the squares was born in response to the invitation of Pope Francis to a “Church on the way out” that goes “to the peripheries”, key throughout his Pontificate.

As a result of this evangelization on the streets, there have been many conversions and life changes that have occurred in people.

In his recent Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation on young people “Christ Lives”, the Pontiff confesses that “there is nothing more solid, deeper, safer, denser and wiser than that announcement. All Christian formation is above all the deepening of the kerygma that is becoming flesh more and more. ”

On the other hand, the Pope writes that the Lord “invites us to go without fear with the missionary announcement, wherever we are and with whomever we are, in the neighborhood, in our studies, in sports, on outings with friends, in volunteering or at work; it is always good and timely to share the joy of the Gospel ”.