Madrid, 04/06/2018

Sunday will start for the sixth consecutive year the “Great Mission” in the squares. Every Sunday during Easter time, Neocatechumenal Way communities around the world will hold 5 meetings in which an answer will be given to questions like “Who is God to you?”, “Have you experienced in your life that God exists? ” ,“ What do you live for? ” ,“ What is the Church? ”.

The “Great Mission” will take place in some 135 nations and 10,000 squares around the world. For example, in one more year, in Rome there will be 100 locations of squares and in Madrid more than 60 squares, those that host the various catechesis with which it is intended to help people to have an encounter with Jesus Christ through listening of the Good News: the Kerigma.

After singing psalms and dancing, as the Way is known to often do in this type of meeting, each catechesis will have a testimony in which a person will tell their experience.

The second Sunday when the follwing question is asked: “Who are you and for what do you live?”. In the third meeting, the Kerigma, the response of God to the existential situation of sin and death.

In the fourth, the Kerigma will be offered in the Scriptures. A call to conversion with the possibility of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, with individual confessions. The fifth and last meeting will talk about the Church and the Christian community.

During these years in which this «Great Mission” has been done, there have been many conversions and life changes among the people who have attended.

Not infrequently, Pope Francis has proposed a “Church on the way out” to go “to the peripheries”.

At the general audience on Wednesday, March 28, the Pontiff affirmed precisely that “the way to the mission, to the announcement” that “Christ has risen” is “the center of our faith and our hope, is the nucleus, it is the announcement, it is the Kerigma that continually evangelizes the Church and that she, in turn, is sent to evangelize”.