Statement on the health of F. Mario Pezzi (Thursday, April 8)

THE LORD IS TRULY RISEN, ALLELUYA! Dear Brothers and Sisters, from then hospital they are telling us that Fr. Mario, even if he continues receiving oxygen is improving.   Kiko is progressing towards normality, little by little. Let’s keep praying for their complete recovery. May the joy and peace of the Rise One accompany you during these Easter days. Happy Easter week! Kiko and Ascensión

Statement on the health of Kiko Argüello and Fr. Mario Pezzi (Wednesday, April 7)

CHRIST IS RISEN! ALLELUYA! Kiko: Dear Brothers and Sisters, thank you for your prayers that are supporting me in the midst of my precarious health. Thanks to so many bishops, cardinals and also the Pope that worried and prayed for me. Keep praying for me, but most of all today we ask for prayers for Fr. Mario. Yesterday he tested positive for Covid-19. Since he had a fever, we took

Statement on the health of Kiko Arguello: hospital discharge (Tuesday, April 6)

BROTHERS AND SISTERS, CHRIST IS RISEN! Today, Easter Tuesday we give thanks to God because Kiko has just been discharged from the hospital; he will continue his recovery at home. In a few days we will give you an update on his health; at this point we suspend the daily statements. Let us keep praying for his full recovery. Together with the good news on Kiko’s health, we keep receiving

Statement regarding the health of Kiko Arguello (Monday, April 5, 2021)

Dear brothers and sisters, thank you for your prayer for Kiko, let’s keep praying for him. We are sending you the medical report of Kiko that the hospital sent to us today, Easter Monday, at 3:07 pm. “He continues without the need of oxygen, no fever and improvement of the analytical parameters” Greetings to all in the Risen Lord. P. Mario and Ascensión


Today, Resurrection Sunday, we are sending you the medical report of Kiko that the hospital sent to us at 1:24 pm “KIKO’s progress continues to be favorable, the withdrawal of the oxygen is maintained and his temperature hasn’t gone up again”. We received many messages of joy and thankfulness from the communities during the celebration of the Easter Vigil. We too, in constant contact via phone with Kiko, celebrated the

Statement regarding the health of Kiko Arguello (April 3, 2021)

Dear brothers and sisters,Today, Holy Saturday, we are sending Kiko’s medical report out to you, that the hospital sent to us at 12:17: “Developing positively, he has no fever and oxygen has been removed.” We rejoice over this good news and grateful to God, we continue to pray for him during the Celebration of the Holy Resurrection day of Easter. Father Mario and AscensiónMadrid, Holy Saturday, April 3, 2021

Statement regarding the health of Kiko Arguello (April 2, 2021)

Dear brothers and sisters,Today we are sending out the Good Friday medical report that the doctors who are taking care of Kiko have sent to us. Report from Friday April 2, 2021 at 12:15“Kiko has pneumonia, he is being treated according to protocol, he has a scarce flow of oxygen and is under surveillance since these are the most difficult moments.” We understand the desire that all the brothers have