Neocatechumenal Way - WYD 2005 - Kiko Argüello
Kiko Argüello at the Vocational Encounter during World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany 2005

Dear brothers,

From Portugal we give you some information about the next World Youth Day (WYD) Lisbon 23.

The official dates of the Days are August 1-6, 2023. The Vigil with the Pope will be on Saturday, the 5th and the final Eucharist on Sunday, the 6th.

The official WYD website is:

Registration for the different modalities of the WYD will open at the end of October. 

The official registration is very important because, according to what we have been told, private buses will only receive identification to circulate to the different parking places.

The Vocational Encounter with Kiko, Mario and Maria Ascensión is scheduled for Monday, August 7. We will provide more information at a later date.

The Neocatechumenal Center of Lisbon will set up a web page to help the brothers regarding places of interest, itineraries, places of mission and eventually some place to celebrate. 

You will also have to register on our website in order to coordinate the Vocational Encounter, number of participants, bishops, etc.

The website for the brothers and sisters of the WAY is:

Everything concerning accommodation in parishes, gymnasiums, religious centers, etc., has been left at the disposal of the official organization of the WYD; the groups that want accommodation, you will have to request it with the official registration of the WYD. 

Regarding hotels, you will have to arrange them with the travel agencies.

Let us entrust ourselves to the Virgin Mary of Fatima, so that she may help us to do God’s Will and accompany us on this World Youth Day and raise up vocations among our young people.

Pray for us. Peace and good pilgrimage.

Itinerant Team from Portugal, Fr. Angel Bello, Fernando and Ana, Davide.